Do's and Don'ts

Formula2Ride respects the safety and convenience of its Members. Thereby Formula2Ride requests every member to follow the Do's and Don'ts for a safe and comfortable journey

Note: All Formula2Ride cars come with 24X7 pan India roadside assistance


Important guidelines before you begin your Formula2Ride journey.

  • Car interior and exterior: It is important to check your car properly so that you don't face any difficulty with car equipment or any damages during your journey. (same to be duly marked in the checklist in Mobile app/tablet)
  • Dents and damages. Mark the damages (if any) Accessories

    Fire Extinguisher

    Music System

    Spare Tyre


    Accessories (if selected any)

    Road hazard

  • Cleanliness : Kindly check if the car is neat and clean from inside and outside
  • Documentation Check: It is always advisable to check the documents in entirety so that the user does not face any problem during any checking or inspection by concerned authorities. (same to be duly marked in the checklist in Mobile app/tablet) documents

    Registration card - RC

    State Tax certificate (if any)

    Pollution certificate - PUC

    Insurance document

    Fitness certificate

    National Permit document Company Representative/ Emergency contact details

    Customer care contact details

Important guidelines while you are undertaking your Formula2Ride Journey.

  • Follow all traffic rules: Formula2Ride requests its members to follow all traffic rules for their safety and comfort
  • Maintain Speed limits: It is important to maintain speed limits within and outside city limits. Over speeding will not only result in penalties but can also be risk to passenger safety
  • Tolls and state taxes: Kindly pay all applicable toll and state taxes. Non-payment of these can attract penalties from law and Formula2Ride
  • Take care of the keys: Formula2Ride requests its members to take care of keys. Loss of keys also attracts a penalty.
  • Take care of the documents: Formula2Ride requests it members to take care of the documents for their comfort and to avoid unpleasant interaction with law officials during checking/inspection during their journey. Loss of documents also attracts a penalty
  • In case of an Accident: Formula2Ride requests you not to panic and call your nearby emergency contact from the documents list so that Formula2Ride can assist you at the earliest possible
    • Scenario 1 (Minor accident ): Scratches, dents etc
      • Complete your journey and report the damages while handing back the car to the executive
    • Scenario2 (Major accident) : vehicle is immovable, Damage to the Oil pump etc
      • Switch of the engine and don't attempt to start the engine
      • Don't move the car
      • Call Emergency Help Line/nearest Road side assistance contact from the documents
      • Customer care will arrange for the car to be towed to the nearest service station
  • Keep the car clean for the next member: Formula2Ride requests you to keep the car clean for the next fellow Member. Unclean cars also attract a penalty Important guidelines when you are handing over your Formula2Ride vehicle
    • Fill the Formula2Ride check list.
    • Check the car thoroughly for your belongings. Formula2Ride will not be responsible for any lost belongings after you handover the vehicle.
    • Park the car safely and properly in Formula2Ride designated locations/outside your house (in case of delivery/pick up option)
    • Report any violations/damages/vehicle breakdown/repair work/malfunctioning etc to the executive/customer care
    • Hand over the keys to the executive only.
    • Fill the customer feedback form so that we can service you better


Formula2Ride requests it members not to undertake any of the following (detailed but not limited to) activities while using their Formula2Ride Vehicles

No pets allowed in the Formula2Ride vehicle

No arms and ammunition allowed in the Formula2Ride vehicle

No consumption / storage / trading of drugs allowed in the Formula2Ride vehicle

The Formula2Ride vehicle is not for Commercial activity

Don't use the vehicle for Racing or any other endurance competition

Formula2Ride requests you not to argue with a Law officials/police personnel. Kindly connect with the Formula2Ride team for assistance

Any sort of illegal activity (as defined by Law of the land) is not allowed while using Formula2Ride Vehicles

Any sort of restricted/unauthorized activities as defined and mentioned in the Formula2Ride membership agreement is not allowed while using Formula2Ride vehicles